Circus -Arts- Education


‘Holistic Think Tank’


Our Vision:

To promote the development, dissemination and sustainability of the intelligent physical  arts across the wider artistic and educational spectrum.


Our Mission:

To inspire, motivate and empower organisations and individuals working with young people using combined arts 


Our Expertise:

Circus Arts Education is a partnership born of  40 years experience of working within the Youth Arts Sector.  

Our expertise stems from working with children and young people together with a vast range of

educationalists, arts organisations, local authorities, agencies and public organisations from around the world.


Ian Scott Owens (Albert) : Lead Partner: Arts & Education

Ian believes that every individual has the inherent ability and right to achieve their full potential. Throughout his long career as a Teacher, Musician, Theatre Director and Clown, Ian  has challenged the 'norm'.  His energetic, engaging and  exceptional communication skills inspire and motivate.  His particular expertise addresses the role and the purpose of the intelligent physical arts within education.

       Petrea Owens: Lead Partner: Arts Development & Innovation

‘Trea believes that there are many different ways of learning.   Her driving ambition is to empower young people and those working with with them; to lobby for better recognition of their contribution and to improve their life skills.   'Trea employs her organisational and managerial skills, honed over many and varied environments,  to structure, promote and realise potential, particularly in the areas of youth circus, theatre and the intelligent physical arts.