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Dialogue 3

F: So, what are these games that are going to have this magical effect upon children & young people? A: Excellent question! But have patience. Everything will be revealed in good time. Meanwhile - as they say! Before we look at specific games and tie them into the development and practice of specific skills we need to step back a little and quickly look at and attempt to define the Key Processes and the Key Competences that apply when we start to create a logical and practical physical programme based upon games. We need to define a realistic path that relates directly to what it is that we are attempting to achieve, then and only then can we link specific games to specific aims. The f

Dialogue 2

F: Previously we were discussing how this physical curriculum seeks to provide a dynamic, alternative kinaesthetic approach to physical learning, so how does this seemingly mystical process manifest itself through the playing of games? A: The quickest and the easiest way for Children & Young People to experience and develop both physical and social skills whilst acquiring a cognitive understanding of their environment is through the medium of play. Games and by this, I mean specifically targeted games, allied with an intelligent physical activity (i.e. Circus skills) are a fantastic and effective form of learning, which builds self-esteem, confidence and celebrates achievemen


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